residential concrete

Commercial and Residential Concrete Slab Services in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, OK

Give Your Structure a Solid Foundation

If your floors and ceiling aren't sound, you risk dealing with potential safety issues down the road. Jack Dillon Concrete and Construction, LLC installs concrete slabs in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, OK. Whether you're building a new home or a business facility, you can count on us to create a solid foundation for your new structure.

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See how easily we can install your foundation

We'll pour your foundation quickly and carefully so we don't hold up construction. When you hire us to install your concrete slabs, we'll:

  • Dig the footings and install the rebar
  • Inspect the structure to make sure it's sound
  • Pour the concrete and give it the finish you want
  • Tighten post-tension cables once the concrete dries

Trust us to install your foundation correctly so you won't have to deal with future structural issues. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our commercial and residential concrete work.